Tuesday, April 7, 2015

In this world of uncertainties and then autism, my family has found some peace. 

AngelSense GPS Tracking Device

AngelSense GPS Cellular Tracking Device provides you as a parent with peace of mind knowing if something should happen, you are not left standing as many before. Your child is less likely to become yet another statistic. 

The unit is small and easy to secure to children's clothing or in our case for our youngest a double harassed backpack with a pocket on the back. The pocket allows for secure fastening and clear reception.  The locking system design is a plus in that we can alter how we secure the device and the means we use to secure it to so at no time the device could be separated from child.

The software (app) used by parents is a clean straight forward user friend layout.  The AngelSense Team is always available to support you in your journey should the need be. They are not just a company providing a product for your needs all the while focusing on capital gain. They are family! This just one more thing making them stand out amongst the rest.

Some of AngelSense's device features are Listen In where you can monitor your child's well-being, anywhere, anytime, Real-Time Notifications that lets you text and email notification for every location change, Runner Mode allows you to locate a lost child with a 10 second live location update, Chronicle the Day in Pictures is a bonus feature that gives us an automatic download of location pictures so our children can share there day with us. This is huge if you have a child that is non-verbal or with speech related difficulties.

The AngelSense Community is changing the way we live. Our lives are for the better thanks to them. Know if you have any concerns or question they are there 24/7 to help. We are testimony to this!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Surprise, I'm finally posting something once again. Well we did it for those that read this blog. We survived our first year of homeschooling using the OHVA K-12 program.

I have to admit the first 3 quarts were tough. The hardest part was just getting use to how things worked, what was expect of me as his learning coach and the realization of not putting the bar so high I couldn't reach it, let alone him. Even though I believe he was holding ground far better than I.

By the last quarter things become so much more less complicated and I was just really getting into it and then he decided he was becoming burnt out for the year.

 I had purchased many apps to help support his curriculum but one more than others came in handy almost daily for what seemed the longest point in time. Custom Boards by Smarty Ears allowed me to quickly modify his work and print as needed. He enjoyed helping with the modifing via allowing him to help choose the images needed to aid the concept needing taught (when able).

As you may remember I was concerned with the curriculum standards of the program. That they wouldn't set high enough standards or they would be so out of his league and they would not allow me to modify to meet his needs. Well I have to say the curriculum was strong and very well layed out and I was very impressed overall. The only part of the course neither of us cared for very much (LA) has been changed. Many other parents felt the same and talked with their teaches as I had and they listened. We have already received this years materials and previewed the new LA material and feel very positive about this year.

I'm already preparing to be more organized this year as to maintain his focus. I have a wonderful app I can not wait to finish setting up. I feel this visual schedule app will be far more supportive in motivating him and keeping him on track than how we did things this past year. What can I say he just responds better to apps than basic tangible material. Some times we have to learn balance between two worlds perhaps isn't always best but independents no matter how gained is.

My biggest concern for this year is the hours. Last year was half days and we put in a full days hours to keep up. Will there be time for anything other than school this year ???

what ever it takes...

Spectrum PARENTing by BeVerbal

Monday, December 19, 2011


Yep... for those of you that have read the previous post, I finally finished the project I've been working on for what seems a very long time. It has happened.

I have developed my first of what I hope to many apps. Inspired by no other than my little guy himself.

My obsession with apps turned reality check due to (at the time of first starting the developing of the TransEz App) no app was available to fit our biggest need. Yes since the beginning of this journey many wonderful new apps have hit the market that could be tweeked but still without the flow we needed. This is why the TransEz App.

Because each child is so uniquely different I believe there is plenty of room for many different work flows of the same concept as to allow each of us to attain a perfect fit for our child.

The TransEz App was designed to meet the needs of those expected and unexpected transitioning moments that require a little added support to get through.

The hope is the TransEz App will as well be a revenue to support iTaalk Matchmakers Program aiding putting devices in the hands of persons needing them. $1. of every app sold will be donated.

The toughest part of this is this.... putting myself out there/here and throughout the rest of this social networking attached to this world. Entering into this venture has offered me one of the most interesting learning experience.

I didn't have a clue where this would end up when first starting this blog. I didn't go looking. I stood in one place (not still) and let it happen. Not sure at any given time if the rug would be pulled out from underneath it or not and honestly rather expecting it to be with past experience but entrusting God if it should be, it will be and just continually moving forward not looking back.

For now it is time to breath alittle, give alittle extra of myself to my family who's tolerate me through all this and then review moving forward once again.

Some of you reading this blog for the first time my wonder what my developing an app may really have to do with advocating autism. Simple, out of this journey since our little guy was first diagnosed and able to start receiving therapies the biggest set of changes seen in my little guy came from when his world was opened up with such technology. Don't take me wrong, therapies are a vital part to aiding in overcoming but something about a device put into the hands of most these kiddo's has a power all its own.

Spectrum PARENTing by BeVerbal

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Times Passing...


Seems as if for ever since last I posted (so to speak). So much going on that finding the time is not easy but yet for peace of mind well worth it some times.

We had decided after many different events leading in our dicission to homeschool using the OHVA K-12 Program. I worried it wouldn't be supportive of the standard I wanted my little guy to be offered. Boy was I wrong. This program has been tough starting but now as with most things seems to be smoothing out (a little).

The best thing of all is the reason for choosing this type of program was for reduced behaviors for his emotion well-being and glad to say it's been a success. At least on his end, myself on the other hand... well lets just say the transition was harder for me than him.

I had hoped on having a project wrapped up I had/have been working on before starting his yet again new program but this was not the case.

As always God is Good, in that He continually provides and meets me at ever place and turn. Even when I feel so unworthy of His present.

Even though I find my flesh wanting to fear the unknown result of this programs overall success for my little guy (due to my abilities not his) and the project I felt over whelmed to commit too. I know from past events to just trust Him and this brings such peace. Something these past years have seemed to have little of.

Now with little guys program smoothing out I can hopefully learn to make time for me once in awhile for a change. Such as simply being here. One thing for sure I have been taught the hard way that it is ok to thing about your own well-being time-to-time and actually adviced. Not sure why this has been such a tough thing for me.

With winter coming up upon us so soon and the shutting up the doors and turn on of all the added things to keep us during the cold months, I'm hoping this season will not be as those past. This allowing for the continued forward flow of things. November always seeming to be little guys toughest month out of a year. He just gets so sensory overloaded. He's been doing much better at self-regulating or at least allowing me to intervene and help him to a calm or reasoning when needed. I know one thing for sure.... not to let my wondering turn to worry but rather refresh myself with all vises attained and learned along this journey and stand ready, just in case.

I'm hoping to get information soon in regards to this project I've imbarked upon to be able to share finially with others. It's been a long road traveled in a very short time. Yes, even though it's took longer than first planned. The few that's known I'm gratefull for. With out the support of them I'm not sure I would have gotten this far. Yet another God moment, for they where given to me by chance and their freindship has been greatly welcomed.

I'm so glad I listened to that small voice that suggested the start of this blog and the networking thats came with it. Not knowing really why or what would become of it. It's not leading in a direction planned by my own doing but still the same a plan long needed. I was so apperhensive to do this for my need to maintian bondries in my life. Need for privacy. Only letting people in so far as not to reveal all my charater flaws and let some use them against me more than I had already been doing to myself. I think lately I've went completely the other way in that most passing by hearing me in my natural state on an average, thinking me completely mad. I really don't care. It's to hard to live behind so many closed doors. It's just easyer to be me and push forward each day hoping and striving for that better tomorrow.

I realize now I had only been fooling myself in attempt to hide the fact I really didn't like myself.
For one to truly discover themselves the flames need to burn high and strongh for a very trying period of time I quess.

I've spent so much time trying to please others no matter the cost to myself I never found myself. Left feeling empty some how and always running rampid waiting for something new around the next corner. It's really nice to finally have some kind of clarity of mind knowing to make time for me doesn't mean I'm less of a good person.

Not to say my fires done burning or things have became easier but that, finally peace of mind is present. Renewing my strength to carry on and move forward. Something I'd feared I had became to tired to do.

by BeVerbal

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

This is...

From one parents point of view to another. I have been placed in this world I had no ideal about. Made to challenge myself daily or turn and run the other way, which was never an option. Even when brought to a low of thinking it.
Once perhaps not so excepting of this, now embracing it. I have been molded and redefined as a person. This has equipped me to be a better person. This is Autism.
Through it I not only have been taught to love in a way I had no ideal I did not know but I believe taught how to find myself. Something I never truly had been able to do.
Some how in this all I have been given the ability to take that before this, that which drove me and entangle it into this world, to now create a way for myself, while tending that most precious and dear to my heart. This is the power, the might and the love of God.
This is a new day!


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